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The masonry contractors at Rossitto and Sons and Masonry are enthusiastic about customizing your home with spectacular masonry designs that will leave you breathless. While installing pool masonry may not be easy, we are fully prepared to get to work with the most up to date materials and equipment for your masonry redesign.

Paving Your Poolside: The Benefits of Stone Masonry for Your Pool Deck

If you are planning to install a swimming pool in your Hartford CT home, you have come to the right place. The team at Rossitto and Sons Masonry have been installing pool decks in West Hartford for many years. Most of the community would highly recommend our swimming pool masonry services. Whether it is a standard masonry structure for a pool deck, or stone walls around your swimming pool, our fully insured masonry contractors can get the job done. 

One of our favorite types of masonry for swimming pools is natural stone and stone patios. This can include 19th century natural stone and retaining walls. If you are considering materials for your pool patio, we believe that natural stone is an excellent route. Read on for some of the reasons we think that natural stone is an excellent masonry material for your West Hartford poolside.

The Natural Beauty of Natural Stone

Pool patios made from concrete are standard and somewhat boring. If you want your poolside to stand out this summer, designing your patio with natural stone may be an excellent way to go. Natural stone has a rustic yet elegant appeal that has been popular for poolsides for centuries. Granite and slate also create a lovely look and feel for a poolside patio. The natural beauty of these natural stones can provide a tropical paradise that will wow summer guests for seasons to come. 

Stone Soaks up the Heat

When the summer comes to Hartford CT, the sun can get very strong. Concrete and wood decks do not stand up to the heat as well as natural stone does. When you are looking for masonry materials to design and build your poolside, natural stone is a logical choice. Natural stones are much easier on bare feet because they withstand heat far better than concrete does. If you are looking for a strong, durable, yet aesthetically pleasing masonry material for your pool, natural stone is an excellent choice.

Natural Stone and Water Blend Together Well

When it comes to installing a poolside patio, you need a material that looks great but is also waterproof. You would not want to build a pool patio out of materials that do not mix well with water. The average swimming pool contains almost twenty thousand gallons of water. When the pool stays uncovered, about two inches of its water evaporates each week. If you use materials that are porous, you run the risk of a lot of water seeping out of the pool. Natural stone, if sealed properly, is naturally waterproof. Not only do natural stones look stunning around the water, but they are waterproof which allows the pool water to remain intact.

Safety Around the Pool

Things can often get pretty slippery around the pool. It can be very easy to slip on a pool deck if it is made out of wood or concrete. However, with natural stones like granite or limestone, you have a slip free surface for your pool patio. The safety of your family and friends is very important, especially if you are entertaining them at the pool at your Hartford County home. By using natural, slip resistant stones, you are creating a safe environment that can be enjoyed by all for many summers to come.

The team at Rossitto and Sons would be proud to help you design and construct the pool or patio that you have always dreamed of. If you are interested in spending the summer in style, contact us today. One of our fully insured masonry contractors would be happy to speak to you, and provide a free estimate on your new masonry pool patio.

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