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The masonry contractors at Rossitto and Sons Masonry are enthusiastic about customizing your home with spectacular masonry designs that will leave you breathless. While installing kitchen masonry may not be easy, we are fully prepared to get to work with the most up to date materials and equipment for your masonry redesign.

Kitchen Masonry

When it comes to remodeling your kitchen, you may be a bit overwhelmed. A kitchen remodeling job can be a very daunting process. There are many things you may be considering such as the design of the kitchen, cost, and level of investments that you want to make. One of the many things that you may be thinking about is what kind of materials you will be using. At Rossitto and Sons Masonry, we have designed and constructed many interior and outdoor kitchens using brick. A kitchen with brick is a sturdy, sophisticated, and classic way to remodel your kitchen. In masonry construction, the kitchen is one of our favorite jobs. From concrete countertops, to brick kitchen islands, or outdoor kitchen retaining walls, we have built it all. However, brick seems to be the high quality material that fits the kitchen aesthetic best. Read on for some reasons why you might want to use brick in your Hartford, CT kitchen remodeling job.

Brick is Cost Effective

If you are a homeowner in West Hartford, CT, there is no doubt that you will want to take a cost effective route when it comes to your kitchen remodeling. It is very important that your kitchen remodeling project stay within your budget, but also come out looking amazing. If you are looking to go the cost effective route, remodeling your kitchen with brick may be an excellent way to go. Brick is an affordable material, even more so than wood or tile. Brick can be purchased at a lower cost than other natural stone materials. If you are interested in designing a kitchen on a limited budget, brick is an excellent option.

Brick Can Save on Energy

In addition to saving money, you may be interested in thinking ahead as well. Energy bills can run very high due to the use of the kitchen. However, if you design your kitchen with brick, you may ultimately save money on energy bills. Brick is highly energy efficient, and is helpful in keeping your kitchen warm. After a while you may notice your energy bills decreasing if you remodel your kitchen using brick.

Brick is a Highly Available Material

One of the best advantages of using brick in your kitchen redesign is that it is available nearly everywhere you look. Almost all kinds of stores carry a large supply of natural brick, so you will not have a problem finding the materials you need. If you plan to remodel your kitchen using brick, you will not have to wait for materials to arrive, since brick is so widely available. Reason 

Keeping the Kitchen Beautiful

One of the best reasons to use brick in your kitchen remodelling job is that it is very attractive. A kitchen designed with brick is sure to stand out in comparison to other masonry materials that you might see on the market. Although natural stone and stainless steel do look wonderful in kitchen design, there is something about brick that provides a warm, cozy, and functional look to the kitchen. Other materials lack this type of warmth, so brick is a viable way to bring your new kitchen to life!

No matter what kind of masonry material you would like to use in your kitchen design, the team at Rossitto and Sons Masonry can make it happen. We have been working with the homeowners of the West Hartford area for many years, and have designed many stellar kitchens. If you would like information on our masonry services for your kitchen remodel, please contact us today and speak to one of our fully insured masonry contractors in Hartford County, CT.

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