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The masonry contractors at Rossitto and Sons Masonry are enthusiastic about customizing your home with spectacular masonry designs that will leave you breathless. While installing interior masonry may not be easy, we are fully prepared to get to work with the most up to date materials and equipment for your masonry redesign.

Masonry: It is Not Just an Outside Job

When it comes to designing or remodeling your Hartford CT home, you may be thinking of many different possibilities. Have you ever considered using masonry in your interior design? Here at Rossitto and Sons Masonry, we provide masonry services that many people have never thought existed. By using Hartford masonry structures in your home, you can create an aesthetic that catches the eye, and warms the heart of inhabitants and guests alike. Unlike other masonry llc contractors, we provide new and exciting design ideas that will have the interior of your home wowing your guests for years to come. If you are interested in learning about the types of masonry that will look fabulous in your home, read on.

Timeless Texture and High Quality Material

Many different kinds of masonry create a different look and feel for the interior of your home. Whether it is just a brick wall for an urban accent wall, or a natural stone interior design, you will be sure to be creating focal points and sophisticated aesthetics when you use masonry services in your design. Stone walls can create a timeless feel and texture for the interior of your home, and also provide a more low maintenance function. The high quality of natural stone or interior brick allows for less cleaning, and does not require painting, sealing, or staining. 

Masonry for Interior Floors

Masonry can also be used in interior design for floors. This can be a sophisticated substitute for wood or vinyl flooring. Stone or brick floors can bring about a new look for your home, making it look rustic and sophisticated. Stone flooring is highly durable and also low maintenance when it comes to its upkeep. A stone floor can be an attractive addition when it comes to the interior design of your bathroom or kitchen.

Stone Accents: A Sophisticated Choice

If you are considering using masonry in interior design, you may want to consider starting small. There are many ways that masonry can be used as accents in your Hartford home. From stone pillars, to brick paths or archways can create a grand aesthetic if you have a large space. In smaller houses, masonry accents can provide an atmosphere of rustic comfort. You may even consider having an exposed brick wall for just a splash of masonry aesthetic.

Stone or Brick Fireplaces

A popular use for interior stone masonry design is the addition of a fireplace. Our team can install a beautiful fireplace in your Hartford home made from brick or stone. Stone is a practical choice because it is resistant to fire, and has a high thermal performance. It also looks rustic and comforting as a focal point for your living room. A brick fireplace can also provide a comforting aesthetic. Brick fireplaces are more traditional, and will accent any room with comfort and style. At Rossitto and Sons Masonry, we pride ourselves on designing and constructing a wide variety of masonry fireplaces that will not only look fabulous, but provide warmth and a sense of comfort for your Hartford home.

No matter what you want to do in your interior remodel, masonry can be an excellent option. If you would like to discuss some ideas for your masonry interior redesign, please contact us today. All of our masonry contractors are fully insured to provide you peace of mind, and confidence in our work. For a free estimate, contact Rossitto and Sons today!

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